Commercial control when selling furniture by catalogs and to order I'd like a consultation
Dear clients,

For now the current version of cinc.Furniture solution is not available for purchase. Purchases will be available after a release of a new version. In the meantime, we continue the maintenance of all our users and partners in full as well as support them.

The good news is we are currently developing a new version of the solution. Most of the planned improvements are related to new and relevant requests coming from you.

In addition, we continue to work in the following areas: development services of solutions for the furniture business from scratch. We will appreciate the opportunity to work together and share our professional experience as well as provide consulting support in making the decision you’re facing. To contact us please feel free to fill out the contact form.

Automation of business processes in sales units provides:

JIT idea

Specialized solution for furniture sellers and manufacturers:

Keeping and controlling orders according to business sales processes
The system of automatic calculation of the cost of the order in different materials
Automatic calculation: cost, profitability and profit per order
Generate of supporting documents: invoices, contracts, specifications, etc.

How long does it take to calculate the full cost of an order, its profitability and generate documents?

Using cinc.FURNITURE is done in just 1 minute. You need to select an order and the system will make a complete calculation: the cost of materials, the cost of the required work and profit


The system allows you to generate any type of document, whether its for customers or for internal use: contracts, specifications or, for example, material for production

Check, edit, print

Experienced managers know — it's important to check the result. The system will tell you which lines of the document you should pay closer attention to before printing

Personal Business Assistant 24/7

The system assumes all calculations, therefore:
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